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About man

If man has an essence, that essence is grounded in selfishness. Before the human being, he is animal. The flesh, the blood, the sweat, the taste, the sensations of heat and cold, pain and joy, sadness and happiness of a man can not get over those of another living being. The drive that gives life and movement, this is the simplest species of life. The man is just 1 of the 3 billion living species identified by science, among 27 billion other unknown species.

Aristotle, BC, gave that man is a rational animal. Even today, there is this idea. However, like Nietzsche, I refuse to believe that man has some merit more than a monkey, for example, and so without entering the theological framework of history, also position myself against evolution and indeed am favor of creationism! The process of creation of life, without a doubt, was designed by a very intelligent Designer. Call him God. I call him that.

But what is man? The man is a despicable species. The man is a misconception. The man is a saboteur of God's work. The man is rotten. The fluids of man make it filthy in its material constitution. The thoughts of man become in its filthy human constitution. There is a subjective-type in humans, the maximum degree of differentiation of other species; biological man and material man. Thus, the subjective man is no more than his neighbor; biological man is no more than other living species; material man, is no more than the fertilizer preparing the ground to receive the seed.

Reaches in maximum interpretation of man, that reduces to nothingness what it is. Thus, Fernando Pessoa says that man is a corpse delayed. What actually summarizes the smallness that once insists disguise themselves as complex and unreadable. The man walks to the end. Man is a species that deteriorates. More than that, the man in all his rationality themselves deteriorates. The life collides with the contradiction of preserving the existence and destroy it with the caregiver's own interventions.

The self-preservation instinct of man allows another man to be destroyed, for the life of one who holds greater power. This selection is not natural. It's a selfish selection involving games, influence, strength, charisma, persuasion, threats, blackmail and all the vile weapons that man needs no legal license to possess.

So will the man living and following the flow. Being fluid in their behavior and using the appropriate masks for each scene of his life. The same man may be many others and never to reveal who he really is. The primary source remains there, but was corrupted by the seat of self satisfaction. Anything matter if the satisfaction of one, cause the other's pain. What matters is that man sees himself as being independent, individual needs that lead to that established him as good. The other look that your default of what is good and follow it.

The extreme selfishness of man is to preserve the life of his fellow man. Even love, more noble sentiment, it is converted into selfishness. My selfishness is so superior to my love, you must stay by my side why do not you love me, but because I love you. So, do not die! Do not run away! Do not leave Me. But what if you die? Another comes and replaces that love. Even the Bible provides for the dissolution of juror love with the death of a party. In this sense, I get Nietzsche when he says that feelings should not be jurors. What is the commitment vows. Feelings are fluid. The man is fluid. The time fluid. Life is. 

The ridiculous obsession with love, becomes selfish acts. Only Jesus loved. Under it all is exchange. Everything is convenience, interest, comfort and compliance. Selfishness in your exacerbated facet, is when man feels pleasure to have done good to others. I want to help you, not because will help you, but because I feel good helping. 

The human understanding is limited. This text is limited by your understanding and especially for mine. The engineer responsible for this universe, is powerful enough to give continuity to what comes beyond man. Our understanding does not know how. And which exceeds our ability to negligible use of our mind, should be investigated to the extent they do not exceed our sanity.

Although there were no morals, ethics, religion or no value, the man even to identify the guilt, the fear, the pain and the hassle. This awareness each one carries, the man approaches a higher truth to him. Brings man closer to a truth, but never will see it completely. Only a creature capable of using more than 7% of your brainpower could. Maybe there are creatures that use more than that, and that for this same reason, do not fall into the same species as us. 

Romanticism, is characteristic of the man. Through Romanticism, man dreams, fantasy, idealized a default of happiness and get frustrated when things go out of default. Were every man living in the light of a Cartesian logic, though unconscious? Was the man living in an endless course of behaviorist theory, which adapt is all that remains? The romantic vision of man does live in a maze of trial and error. This is a romantic film that blurs the vision for what is real. And what is real? 

The real is the ridiculousness of humanity. Humanity is ridiculous. Arrogance, arrogant, manipulative, fluid, selfish, evil, scheming, rotten. Yet humanity is everything that is left to you and me. Because we are human. Only humans and what comes beyond that is accessory.

Hellen Taynan

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